Level 3 First Aid at Work Refresher

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Course Overview

This course is run over two-days and allows for re-certification of First Aid at Work qualified staff. The criteria are the same as for the initial three-day course.

Course Details
Our course focus is
  • The Aims & Priorities of First Aid
  • Chain of Survival
  • Laws & Legislation
  • Concussion
  • Burns & Scalds
  • Communication
  • Protection from Infection
  • Wounds & Bleeding
  • Recognition of Illness
  • Drowning
  • Basic Life Support
  • Shock
  • Poisoning
  • Unconscious Casualty
  • Casualty Examination
  • Recovery Position
  • Head Injury
  • And many more First Aid Principles
Career Impact

On successful completion of the syllabus, each student will be able to demonstrate that they are able to:

  • act safely, promptly and effectively with emergencies at work
  • use first aid equipment, including the contents of a first aid box
  • understand the duties of employers and the legal framework
  • maintain simple factual records on what they have done with regard to any treatment or management of an emergency
  • recognise the importance of personal hygiene in first aid procedures.

They will also be able to deal with a casualty who:

  • requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • is unconscious
  • is bleeding or wounded
  • is suffering from shock
  • is suffering from an injury to bones, muscles or joints
  • has been burned or scalded
  • has an eye injury
  • has been overcome by gas or fumes; or may have been poisoned or exposed to a harmful substance.

They will be able to:

  • recognise major illnesses and take appropriate action
  • recognise minor illnesses and take appropriate action
  • manage the transportation of a casualty, as required by the circumstances of the workplace
Entrance Requirement
You must provide:
  • Two identity documents from group A. At least one document must show your current address and at least one document must show your date of birth.


  • One identity document from group A and two documents from group B. At least one document must show your current address and at least one document must show your date of birth.
Group A
  • If you are a UK passport holder, your passport number entered on the application form. You do not need to submit the actual passport.
  • Signed valid passport of any other nationality.
  • Driving licence photocard if it was issued by the DVLA in Great Britain. We will not accept the photocard on its own if it was issued by the DVA in Northern Ireland.
  • Driving licence photocard and its paper counterpart issued by the DVA in Northern Ireland.
  • UK original birth certificate issued within 12 months of birth
  • UK biometric residence permit card
Group B (Address & Identity)
  • Valid UK firearms licence with photo.
  • Current UK driving licence - paper version (not the paper counterpart to a photocard).
  • P45 statement of income for tax purposes on leaving a job issued in the last 12 months.
  • P60 annual statement of income for tax purposes issued in the last 12 months.
  • Bank or building society statement issued to your current address, less than three months old. You can use more than one statement as long as each is issued by a different bank or building society.
  • Mortgage statement issued in the last 12 months.
  • Utility bill (gas, electric, telephone, water, satellite, cable) issued to your current address within the last three months. NOTE: You can only submit one utility bill in support of your SIA application.
  • Pension, endowment or ISA statement issued in last 12 months.
  • Letter from H.M. Revenue & Customs, Department of Work and Pensions, employment service, or local authority issued within the last three months. You can submit more than one letter as long as each is issued by a different Government department or a different local authority.
  • A credit card statement sent to your current address within the last three months. You can submit more than one statement as long as each is issued by a different issuer.
  • Council Tax statement issued in the last 12 months.
Group B (Identity Only)
  • Driving licence photocard (without a paper counterpart) issued by the DVA in Northern Ireland.
  • Valid EU photo card.
  • Marriage certificate or Civil Partnership certificate, with translation if not in English.
  • UK birth certificate issued more than 12 months after date of birth, but not a photocopy.
  • Non-UK birth certificate, with translation if not in English.
  • UK adoption certificate
Meet Your Instructor

James was a formal solider serving in the British Army. Whilst serving he gained experience in a range of hostile environments throughout the world.

During this time he gained various qualifications which he puts to good use now. He has worked in the private sector on ambulances and event cover as a medic and as a Health & Safety Consultant. In his spare time he’s an ambulance first responder with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust, so he gets hands on life saving experience.

During the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games, James was the appointed first aid trainer to carry out courses for the London 2012 staff.

James Watson was seconded to The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) as the Health & Safety Advisor at the Athletes Olympic Village, London.

You can be confident that your instructor has a wealth of real life experiences unlike some of the other qualified instructors in the industry that are qualified through theory not practical, his =dynamic delivery and personal experiences bring value to his instruction which is engaging and rewarding.

Q: Who should attend this course?
Anyone working as a First Aider must attend this course.

Q: What is the duration of this course?
FAW course runs for 2 days.

Q: Is this course a legal requirement?
Employers have an obligation under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and Approved Code of Practice (ACOP L74, Second Edition) to make adequate and appropriate first aid provision for their workforce. It is recommended that someone is able to undertake first aid duties at all times when people are at work.

Q: How long is the certificate valid for?
Your First Aid certificate is valid for 3 years, after which you will have to attend a refresher course.

Q: How many first aiders are required in a workplace?
Employers are required to carry out an assessment of first aid needs. This involves consideration of:
  • Hazards and risks in your workplace
  • The number of employees
  • Accident history
  • Distribution of the workforce
  • Employees who are lone workers or need to travel as part of their role
  • Annual leave – we recommend you appoint an additional first aider to cover absences
The HSE has proposed the table of risk shown below

Q: How will the course be assessed?
After completing a final written and practical assessment successful candidates receive an HSE approved certificate valid for three years. This course is legally compliant with the current Health and Safety (first aid) Regulations 1981. Upon successful completion of this three day course, first aiders receive certification to allow them to practise for three years after which a re-qualification course becomes necessary. It is strongly recommended that you update your skills by taking an annual refresher.

Q: I have lost my certificate, can I get a replacement certificate?
A replacement certificate can be issued for £20.

Mock Test
All the FAW courses are portfolio based and practical assessment

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